AM Sulavar

AM Sulavar

Anya-Milana (A-M) Sulaver: Cultural Analyst, Producer, and Publisher, A-M is passionate about increasing public understanding of the urgent need for ethical media production. A-M lives the talk, building media projects that contribute to greater societal integrity and stability through responsible communications. Her projects amplify stories that are written by people with training in cultural understanding and produced in ways that increase empathetic engagement in production teams and audiences. A-M’s work has included national award-winner Peeps Magazine and the production of nationally broadcast documentaries.

By PK Mutch

News media entrepreneur, freelance journalist, Canadian Association of Journalists member, former book publishing executive, zine-maker and startup professional.  Marigold Capital advisory board. Recipent of Inspiring Top 50 Women in STEM in 2018. Profiled in Canada 150 Women: Conversations with Leaders, Champions and Luminaries. Founder  and former President of award-winning Fifth Town Artisan Cheese, Canada's 8th B-Corp, which under her leadership received the Premier's Award for Agri-Food Innovation (2009). Petra currently works to advance inclusive entrepreneurship and innovation in public policy and startup ecosystems with a particular emphasis on gender equity.  Petra is the founding publisher of Liisbeth. Follow Petra on Twitter or connect with her on LinkedIn.