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The women entrepreneurship ecosystem has changed tremendously since Canada first committed to supporting women entrepreneurs as part of their bold vision for the country’s economic growth and inclusion. In this session we’ll review the goals of Canada’s Women Entrepreneurship Strategy, celebrate the achievements of the ecosystem, discuss challenges and ask the critical question: where do we go from here?

Tuesday, March 17, 2021
11:30 AM -1:00 PM EDT

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Join Lana Pesch in conversation with Shaena Lambert about her latest novel, Petra. The book brings to life a nearly but important German, feminist and environmental revolutionary, Petra Kelly and the circle of activists who transformed environmental and global politics.

In our conversation with the author, we will explore how social change making happens today and what can be learned by Petra Kelly’s story.

Date: Wednesday, March 3rd, 4:00-5:30 EST

Cost: PWYC (Free for FEC Members)

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Feminist entrepreneurs aim to build flourishing, sustainable enterprises which do not perpetuate patriarchy, white supremacy, colonialism AND which demonstrate viable alternative ways to resource, finance and grow healthy enterprises.

Is that even possible? Is my project or venture idea able provide living wages (or better!) or fair compensation plus sustain me, my family and the community? How big do I really want my enterprise to be? What is autonomous resourcing? What are the implications?

In this intimate workshop, you will discover a whole systems way to look at resourcing your enterprise plus how to assess feasibility by learning how to create a three year cash/resource flow model that like a magic crystal ball, will give you clear insight into whether or not your enterprise idea, as conceived, is truly sustainable and capable of helping you generate the impact plus life you intended to create with this idea.

Traditional cash flow forecast exercises attend only to cash. However, we also take a look at the value of social and community capital plus assess opportunities for bartering and trading as a way of autonomously resourcing both your venture and the community you engage in the course of building out an idea.

Date: Wednesday, April 7, 2020 3:30-5:00 PM EST

Cost: $69.00 plus PWYC options

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“How to we turn our collective full-bodied attention toward collaboration, if that is the way we will survive?”—adrienne maree brown, author of Emergent Strategy

In this doing-not-telling workshop, you will have the opportunity to map out your own project or enterprise ecosystems, apply intersectional feminist principles to ecosystem management, identify critical gaps, plus identify new opportunities and “triple plays” that can help your project or enterprise breakthrough.

Welcome to the world of mutual aid systems and pod crafting on an enterprise level.


The term “ecosystem” was originally used in environmental fields to describe an entire system of living organisms plus abiotic factors such as air, water, minerals that occupy a particular space and interrelate in that ensures its ability to flourish despite barriers and forces outside of its control. Today, we use the word ecosystem to name and describe a system of relationships related to the advancement or sustainability of an idea, project, enterprise or entire movements.

In COVID-19 informed times, we have been reminded of the fact that flourishing in precarious, indeterminant times and systems means we have to come to appreciate precariousness as a gift. It pushes us to learn to work together in new ways.

This all starts by mapping and re-imagining your enterprise ecosystem’s scope, purpose and how it can work to strengthen and resource sustainability of all its nodes or members. Ecosystem management will also help you identify non-obvious collaborations, generate exciting new partnership concepts and leverage emerging opportunities.

The Skinny: 5 things you will do in this session

  • Learn how to map your enterprise ecosystem—and then map it with the benefit of insights and ideas from others.
  • Find out how to create a triple play—a powerful way to add value to your ecosystem
  • Understand and skillfully navigate power dynamics between nodes and players
  • Integrate intersectional feminist leadership and operating practices into your ecosystem engagement strategies

Dates:  Wednesday, April 14 and Wednesday April 21, 2021, 4:00 PM-5:30 PM

Cost: $79.00 with limited PWYC option. 

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The Covid-19 pandemic and accelerating climate change have laid bare the horrifying nature of global capitalism. We have no choice but to imagine different socio-political-technical configurations—a massively complex endeavor. 

This course—a theory-driven seminar-studio hybrid—asks what a post-capitalist, post-scarcity society might look like, and how design is done in such a society. It will critically engage with ideas about automation and ask what design means when basic human needs are met, economic growth is no longer an imperative, and necessary labor is shared and not relegated to certain classes of society.

Date: Sunday, April 11 to Thursday, Apri 15, 2021

Cost: Approx $150 Cdn

This event presents the challenges for women in society and the contemporary solutions and movements and the emergence of the necessity for womens leadership to meet the current existential crises of climate, biodiversity and economic collapse as the bedrock of todays survival solutions for humanity and planet. Speakers include Katrine Marcel, author of best-selling  book -Who Cooked Adam Smith’s Dinner-the lie behind modern main stream economics and the disaster (s) it continues to lead to.
Monday, March 29, 2021
10:00 AM – 12:30 EST 
Cost: FREE!

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Join authors Bishakh Som (Apsara Engine, Spellbound), Charlie Jane Anders (All the Birds in the Sky, The City in the Middle of the Night), Neon Yang (The Tensorate Series), Sarah Gailey (The Echo Wife, Magic for Liars), and Taneka Stotts (The ELEMENTS series, the Beyond series) for a discussion on trans and nonbinary narratives in science fiction and the fluidity of gender (or lack there of!) in multiple far futures. Moderating the night’s discussion will be author Daniel Lavery. This event will be held on Zoom and will be live streamed to The Strand’s Facebook Page.
Wednesday, March 31, 2021 
8:00 PM-9:00 PM EST 

Cost: Free
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At LEAF’s closing event on personhood and gender equality in 2021 and beyond, please join our four esteemed speakers to explore the feminist intersectional imperative to include all women in feminism, as well as to dream beyond the binary and open up to gender justice for all. Our speakers will discuss how they do or don’t take up and inhabit feminism and feminist struggle as part of their identities and work – and why.
Wednesday, March 31, 2021
7:00-8:30 PM EST 
Cost: FREE!

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This workshop is for entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, coaches, and teachers who want to bring feminist ideas into their business and want a contemporary, coherent picture of concepts at the core of many different feminist conversations. 
Monday, April 19, 2021
Cost: $15-$40.00

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Join Françoise Vergès and chair Lola Olufemi for a launch event to mark the release of Françoise’s book A Decolonial Feminism, published by Pluto Press. Centring anticolonialism and anti-racism within an intersectional Marxist feminism, the book puts forward an urgent demand to free ourselves from the capitalist, imperialist forces that oppress us.
Tuesday, April 20, 2021 
2:00 PM EST
Cost: FREE!
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Join us for an interactive webinar explaining what Eco-Feminism means and how we can channel some of these ideas into modern environmental activism.
Tuesday, April 20, 2021
Cost: Free

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