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Rabble Roundup

Rabble Round Up

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December is perhaps one of the most joyful, festive months, and after the year we’ve all had, we could certainly all do with some more joy. It’s time that can be spent with the family or loved ones, or a chance to reflect on what has passed and dream up what has yet to come. It is a season of love, hope and relief. 

With these themes in mind, we have curated our last Rabble Roundup of 2021. Our selections reflect on what we’ve been through this past year, people who have stood up and spoken out, and what is possible when we are hopeful together. 

For Mike Smith (photo provided), a survivor of conversion “therapy,” the ban means others won’t have to suffer the horrific trauma of the long-debunked practice.

Victory: Canada bans conversion therapy 

December 1 was a big win for the LGBTQ2+ community in Canada, as the country finally legally banned conversion therapy—a violent and discredited practice of changing people’s gender identities and sexual orientations—passing Bill C-4 by unanimous vote.This article shares why the new legislation is especially important for survivors of conversion ‘therapy’. in light of the trauma and suffering it wrought.

The international labour movement held Make Amazon Pay demonstrations on Black Friday November 26, 2021. An interview with the General Secretary of Uni Global Union, Christy Hoffman.

Taking on Amazon 

This podcast episode shares the story behind the Make Amazon Pay protests that saw over 1 million employees worldwide mobilize in demonstrations against the company on Black Friday last month. It shows us what’s possible when we organize, call out exploitation and demand accountability. 

David Suzuki at a viewpoint above the deep canyons and castellated ridges of the Hart River - one of the Yukon rivers recommended for protection by the Peel Watershed Planning Commission. Marten Berkman. Credit: Marten Berkman / Peel Watershed Planning Commission

Suzuki’s environmentalism 

This oped by Yves Engler dives into environmentalist David Suzuki’s support for Palestinians, which Engler writes ‘reflects a broader internationalist and anti-capitalist outlook every serious environmentalist should embrace’.

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